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Welcome to gdlabs.

We are full-stack software developers specialized in web and mobile.
Our mission is to build up your ideas with passion and experience.

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gianfranco reppucci

software developer

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Born in Naples on June, 24th, 1982, Gianfranco explores the web since 1996.

During the studies at the Federico II University, where he obtains a bachelor in Computer
Sciences, he starts working as freelance web developer.

With about 10 years of experience in software development, his expertise includes Python (Django, Flask), PHP (Code Igniter, Slim, Symphony, Zend), Javascript (node.js, socket.io, jQuery), Ruby, SQL and non databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis). And a strong interest in communication and finance.

In his spare time, he enjoys himself with a Canon EOS 450D and a lot of music to listen to.

davide reppucci

front-end developer

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Davide Reppucci was born on June 19th, 1984, in Naples. He nurtures his passion for drawing and, after completing high graduation, he awards a bachelor at "Istituto superiore di design di Napoli" in Digital design course with maximum votes.

He starts working as flash developer, then he grows up as web designer. In this period he improves his knowledge about creativity, concepts, technologies, methods, applications and web world with a continue research and inspirations from whatever he can see around him.

As being graphic&web addicted, his competences are about graphic apps, web trends, markup (HTML5), style (CSS3), validation (w3c), accessibility, user-friendly interface, javascript (jquery, mootools, AJAX, JSON, moustache.js and more over), flash (animation and actionscript), SEO, CMS integration (Django, Joomla!, Wordpress, Squarespace, Magnolia, Alfresco).

In his spare time he loves to use his photocam and to read everything.

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